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  • =US= 6 Discharges

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    1. =US= 6.1

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.1
      Members wishing to receive a discharge from the =US= should post a request in the discharge forum and give a simple reason why they would like to be discharged. The post should be labeled “Requesting Discharge”.
    2. =US= 6.2

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.2
      Company Commanders will review and finalize all Honorable and General discharges. Company Commanders can finalize Other Than Honorable discharges only when a member discharges under an Active Article 15 (see =US= A-15)

      All Retirement, Other than Honorable and Dishonorable Discharge requests will be reviewed and finalized by the Battalion Commander or his designee.
    3. =US= 6.3

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.3
      All members requesting discharge will have 48 hours to repeal their request.
    4. =US= 6.4

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.4
      Battalion CO, Battalion XO, Battalion SEL, Company Commanders and Company 1SG's are the only personnel authorized to request a discharge for another member.
    5. =US= 6.5

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.5
      Discharge types explained. All Reenlistment Procedures apply unless otherwise stated by C&S:
    6. =US= 6.5.1

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.5.1
      Well respected member with good standing meeting the following requirements:
      —-> 1. Member must request retirement. The Command and Staff will not consider retirement unless it is requested.
      —-> 2. Minimum Rank of E7 or O3
      —-> 3. Minimum membership of 1 Year.
      —-> 4. Must have made a significant addition/accomplishment for the clan.
      —-> 5. Must depart in good standing with =US=.
      —-> 6. Must pass a C&S vote on the matter
      —-> 7. Exceptions may be granted for exceptional service within the clan or as a celestial.

      These are not all inclusive requirements, as each request will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If approved, members may receive the following status:
      —-> 1. Retain Forum access excluding NCO, Officer club, C&S and special discussion access and Moderator status.
      —-> 2. Retain Discord access (Any admin access privileges to be determined at time of vote).
      —-> 3. A member who leaves to join a rival clan and receives retirement status may lose the right to retain their Discord access. Final determination will be made by the Batallion Commander when voting on the members retirement.
      —-> 4. Rights to return at Current Rank if a position for that rank is available, otherwise you may return to the clan at a rank deemed necessary by the the Batallion Commander based on needs of the clan.
      —-> 5. A one month waiting period is required to return.
    7. =US= 6.5.2

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.5.2
      Honorable REQUIREMENTS: Member has served honorably with the =US=, has requested a discharge for an acceptable reason and has 6 months of service.
      —-> 1. Regular non-member forum access
      —-> 2. Retains right to return at a minimum of one rank reduction where applicable with a mandatory 3 month waiting period. Rank will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the gaining Company Commander.
      —-> 3. Maintain all previous awards and badges.
    8. =US= 6.5.3

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.5.3
      General REQUIREMENTS: Member has served in the =US= and wishes to leave or is being discharged for reasons other than disciplinary
      —-> 1. Access upon discharge is limited to that of a non-member.
      —-> 2. Upon re-application to the clan, the member will return as Recruit, repeating the probationary period.
      —-> 3. Loss of any previous awards and badges.
      —-> 4. A 3 Month waiting period is required to reapply.
    9. =US= 6.5.4

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.5.4
      Discharged by Battalion Commander for violation(s) of regulations or for other reasons of a non honorable nature. Company Commander can issue for the reason of a member discharging under and active Article 15
      —-> 1. Member may not return unless unanimous C&S approval.
      —-> 2. Banned from any and all =US= Forums, Discord, Game Servers, and other clan media
      —-> 3. If the member is found to have re-joined under a different name without C&S approval, that member will be Dishonorably Discharged immediately.
    10. =US= 6.5.5

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.5.5
      Discharged by Battalion Commander for any reason of a dishonorable nature including but not limited to regulation violations and/or conduct unbecoming of a =US= member.
      —-> 1. Member may not return, this discharge is final and cannot be undone. No Respawns!
      —-> 2. Banned from any and all =US= Forums,Discord TS , and Game Servers.
    11. =US= 6.5.6

      Regulation Name: =US= 6.5.6
      If someone, friend or not wishes to follow you after you have left, you MUST report it to a C&S member before that person discharges to follow you or else you will be guilty of poaching members from the Unknown Soldiers Community. In the same sense, if you wish to discharge to follow a discharged member, please state it at reason of discharge so as not to seem as poaching Punishments will follow.
      —-> 1. You will be issued a “Other Than Honorable or Dishonorable Discharge” and all of the punishments associated with it.
      —-> 2. You will will have the opportunity to appeal this punishment. Battalion Commander will decide if there should be punishment for poaching
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