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  • =US= 4 Discord Usage

    5 regulations in this category

    1. =US= 4.1

      Regulation Name: =US= 4.1
      Members are required to use Discord whenever in game, especially during clan activities.
    2. =US= 4.2

      Regulation Name: =US= 4.2
      Members will exercise good judgment and maturity at all times while on Discord Please no yelling. Let others talk as well. Repeat offenders will face disciplinary measures including loss of Discord for a specified time and a possible Article-15
    3. =US= 4.3

      Regulation Name: =US= 4.3
      Members may bring guests on Discord, whether real life or a potential recruit, members who choose to bring a guest are accountable for their guests actions and the guest is required to follow the same rules within the clan regulations.
    4. =US= 4.4

      Regulation Name: =US= 4.4
      The Discord link will be PM'ed to the new recruit via Forums by a recruiter. Names in Discord should look like this: Rank.Name=US=
    5. =US= 4.5

      Regulation Name: =US= 4.5
      Any member that is a server or channel administrator shall exercise good judgment when kicking anyone from the Discord server. Using the kick feature as a toy will result in a loss of their server/channel administration powers. Repeat offenders may also receive an Article-15.
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