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  • =US= A-15 Non-Judicial Punishment

    8 regulations in this category

    1. =US= A15.1

      Regulation Name: =US= A15.1
      Nonjudicial Punishment (NJP/Article 15/Captain’s Mast) is a form of military punishment/justice that does not automatically lead to a court-martial/dishonorable discharge.
    2. =US= A15.2

      Regulation Name: =US= A15.2
      NJP is an official statement of misconduct presented to any member of the =US= that will be permanently part of said member’s file.
    3. =US= A15.3

      Regulation Name: =US= A15.3
      NJP may be issued at the discretion of any branch Commanding Officer, Department OIC/WOIC, or Joint Chiefs of Staff Member.
    4. =US= A15.4

      Regulation Name: =US= A15.4
      Members issued a NJP will have 2 days to state their case to the issuer and provide evidence of their innocence.
    5. =US= A15.5

      Regulation Name: =US= A15.5
      Punishments attached to a NJP can be, but are not limited to, the following:
      —-> Written warning
      —-> 1 rank demotion for 15-30 days
      —-> Removal from leadership position
      —-> 7 Day Discord Ban
      —-> Re-instruction – member will be Re-admitted into boot camp or other similar re-education course. At the end of which the member must pass an exam given by course instructor.
      —-> Other form deemed fit by the issuer
    6. =US= A15.6

      Regulation Name: =US= A15.6
      After the member has met the time requirements (if any) of the issued punishment, a Hearing Board of JCS members (consisting of no less than 2 members of the rank O-7 or above, the accused member’s CO, and 1 Enlisted JCS member) will meet to determine if:
      —-> -Accused should be re-instated to active duty, at original rank, without any other stipulations, or
      —-> -Accused will be re-instated to Active duty at reduced rank, loss of leadership position, and/or other stipulation the board feels necessary, or
      —-> -Accused has failed to meet the issued requirements for punishment and will be other than honorably (OTH) discharged.
    7. =US= A15.7

      Regulation Name: =US= A15.7
      All NJP issuance will be made public on the forums to the rest of the clan so as they may learn from said members mistakes.
    8. =US= A-15.8

      Regulation Name: =US= A-15.8
      Any member who discharges under an active A-15 will receive an Other Than Honorable discharge.
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