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  • =US= 6.5.1

    Well respected member with good standing meeting the following requirements:
    —-> 1. Member must request retirement. The Command and Staff will not consider retirement unless it is requested.
    —-> 2. Minimum Rank of E7 or O3
    —-> 3. Minimum membership of 1 Year.
    —-> 4. Must have made a significant addition/accomplishment for the clan.
    —-> 5. Must depart in good standing with =US=.
    —-> 6. Must pass a C&S vote on the matter
    —-> 7. Exceptions may be granted for exceptional service within the clan or as a celestial.

    These are not all inclusive requirements, as each request will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If approved, members may receive the following status:
    —-> 1. Retain Forum access excluding NCO, Officer club, C&S and special discussion access and Moderator status.
    —-> 2. Retain Discord access (Any admin access privileges to be determined at time of vote).
    —-> 3. A member who leaves to join a rival clan and receives retirement status may lose the right to retain their Discord access. Final determination will be made by the Batallion Commander when voting on the members retirement.
    —-> 4. Rights to return at Current Rank if a position for that rank is available, otherwise you may return to the clan at a rank deemed necessary by the the Batallion Commander based on needs of the clan.
    —-> 5. A one month waiting period is required to return.

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