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  • =US= 1 General Rules & Regulations

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    1. =US= 1.1

      Regulation Name: =US= 1.1
      The =US= Commanding Officer (CO) is at the top of the chain of command. The =US= CO has the authority to overturn/veto/finalize any decision relating to clan matters to include but not limited to regulations, promotions, demotions, discharges, etc. The =US= CO should consult his advisors and Battalion staff.
    2. =US= 1.2

      Regulation Name: =US= 1.2
      Members of the Unknown Soldiers are restricted to being only in this clan. Joining or forming another clan without C&S and Company Commander's approval, whose primary game is PC based, is strictly forbidden and the member will be immediately discharged from the clan. If any member is a part of another clan, regardless of the primary game or platform, and their duties, activity level, or responsibilities suffer as a result, they will be discharged. Exceptions for PC may only be granted by C&S; all other platforms can be approved by the Commander of your Company.
    3. =US= 1.2.1

      Regulation Name: =US= 1.2.1
      Members found to be collaborating with another clan with intent to cause harm or share trade secrets, will be subject to immediate dismissal and other than honorable discharge for their conduct.
    4. =US= 1.2.2

      Regulation Name: =US= 1.2.2
      Retired members remain subject to =US= 1.2. Joining a competing clan may result in loss of special privileges granted to former members at C&S discretion.
    5. =US= 1.3

      Regulation Name: =US= 1.3
      Cheating in any game at any time by any member is not authorized and will result in a =US= discharge. Cheating includes but is not limited to: Hacking, Exploiting, Stat padding, or manipulating any game files that would change the game play or give the player an unfair advantage in any way (this does not refer to Mods). Blocking Server screenshots screen shots with a third party program will also resort in a ban after thorough investigation, If Intel concludes that the member has been blocking screen shot intentionally, the member under investigation will be banned and dishonorably discharged.
    6. =US= 1.4

      Regulation Name: =US= 1.4
      All donations given to the Clan by members or supporters will be collected in the Clan Treasury. The funds are only to be used for clan-related expenses Any member wishing to receive funds from the Treasury for a service or server in relation to Clan activity must first send a request up their CoC. All monetary requests must be approved by C&S and be acknowledged by the Battalion CO or XO. Failure to acquire the approval of their request prior to starting said server or service will lead to the member having to cover all costs.
    7. =US= 1.5

      Regulation Name: =US= 1.5
      All members are required to wear all tags, emblems, and naming conventions utilized by the game they play as set forth by the Company Commander for that game.
    8. =US= 1.6

      Regulation Name: =US= 1.6
      All members are required to uphold any and all instruction or training from all applicable =US= Training Manuals and Instruction.
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