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  • =US= 3 Forum Usage

    12 regulations in this category

    1. =US= 3.1

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.1
      All members must be a registered member of the =US= site forum.
    2. =US= 3.2

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.2
      Members will refrain from using profanity in any posting.
    3. =US= 3.3

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.3
      Members will abide by the rules set forth by =US= Regulations and the Command and Staff
    4. =US= 3.4

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.4
      Members are required to display their rank assigned to them as their avatar on the forums. Any other avatar is not authorized.
    5. =US= 3.5

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.5
      Full members are authorized to attach custom signatures to posts. Probationary and non-members are not authorized to have signatures. Exceptions are granted to retired members and civilian contractors. Avatars should be of reasonable size and not contain dynamically updating information.
    6. =US= 3.6

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.6
      Members will treat others with respect regardless of rank, company, or membership status
    7. =US= 3.7

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.7
      Recruiting forums (including but not limited to forums where applications are posted) should only be used by Recruiting staff, officers, and prospective recruits. Once a recruit has been accepted, all other members may post on the application.
    8. =US= 3.8

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.8
      Usernames shall consist of the following:
      --> No rank in name
      --> No force or unit in name
      --> No profane references
      --> No racial references
      --> No religious references
      --> No sexual references
    9. =US= 3.9

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.9
      Probationary members (below E-3) may change their name once during their probationary period. All other members may change their name no more than once a month with a lifetime limit of two name changes.
    10. =US= 3.10

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.10
      All members are required to wear their rank tag in front of their forum name including recruits. This is assigned and maintained by Company Staff or Human Resources and should not be altered. [=US=] tag is not required on forums but is required on Discord.
    11. =US= 3.11

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.11
      Regarding names in official clan games and media, all members (including Recruits and Retired) are required to wear their rank tag in front of their name. Members are required to follow these Regulations as if they are actively involved with =US=, the rank of RET. must be worn in these circumstances. In other games and official clan channels, it is mandatory to follow this uniform naming standard. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis if such games or channels do not support [=US=]RANK.Name, to be discussed and voted upon by C&S.
    12. =US= 3.12

      Regulation Name: =US= 3.12
      The discussion of illegal or pirated material anywhere on the forums or Discord is strictly prohibited. The terms of service agreed upon with the website host state that any discussion of said materials is a clear violation of the agreement made and could lead to temporary or permanent loss of the website and domain. This includes the topics of illegal warez, software/video/audio piracy, website passwords, and torrenting. We do understand that not all torrents are illegal, as well as P2P downloading and file hosting services – please use your common sense.
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