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  • =US= 8 Member Status

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    1. =US= 8.1

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.1
      All members who will not be checking the forums, attending practices, and/or attending clan meetings for 3 days or more must apply for leave. Member's activity on the forum is monitored on a weekly basis, and a member who has not checked the forums in 3 Days will be considered AWOL. A member who has not checked the forums in 2 weeks will be considered MIA and may be discharged.
    2. =US= 8.2

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.2
      All leave requests must be in written form on the “Leave request forum.” (C&S members will post in the C&S forums) Format for leave requests are as follows:

      Member name:
      Dates requested:
      Reason for leave:
      Have you read, and do you understand =US=Regulation 8:
    3. =US= 8.3

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.3
      All requests should be made 48 hours in advance for proper due process.
    4. =US= 8.4

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.4
      Once approved, and leave has been taken, the requestor must post his/her return on the original leave request thread. Failure to do so places the member into AWOL status.
    5. =US= 8.5

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.5
      Emergencies must be communicated to anyone within the member’s CoC ASAP! They must inform the CoC of what happened and an approximation of how long they will be gone. The CoC must notify the other members of his CoC. If a member needs and extension than this must be posted ASAP.
    6. =US= 8.6

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.6
      Recruits are not eligible for leave until reaching the rank of E-1
    7. =US= 8.7

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.7
      All probationary members of the rank E1-E2 can only have a max of 2 weeks of total leave time until they reach the rank of E3 and achieve full member status. (2 weeks means total, it can be 2 consecutive weeks, 2 separate weeks, or any variation within). ANY PROBATIONARY MEMBER WHO IS CONSIDERED AWOL/MIA WILL HAVE THEIR APPLICATION IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAWN.
    8. =US= 8.8

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.8
      All members E3-E6 are limited to 1 month leave at a time. This must be approved by the Company CO. Leave more than a month must be approved by Battalion Commander
    9. =US= 8.9

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.9
      All members rank E-7and higher may be granted more than a month of leave on a case by case scenario. Leave more than a month must be approved by Company Commander or Battalion Commander
    10. =US= 8.10

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.10
      If AWOL, the Company CoC reserves the right to discharge/retire the member (see =US= 6 for regulations on discharges/retirement). If AWOL for 2+ weeks, the Battalion Commander CoC reserves the right to discharge the member for inactivity.
    11. =US= 8.11

      Regulation Name: =US= 8.11
      All Real Life Active Duty members who are deployed/are being deployed will be placed in the “Inactive Reserve” Company. This Company will fall under S1. It will be at the discretion of the Company Commander, with advisory from C&S. Once in “Inactive Reserves” the member will be removed from his/her Company. When member comes back from deployment, they will report to the S1 who will then find a place for them and their current rank. No guarantees will be made as to the company they return to, the position they will hold, and every effort will be made to keep them at their current rank.
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