Must be 18+ and have of a copy of Escape from Tarkov, Call of Duty Warzone (and Modern Warfare), or Battlefield 2042!

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UNKNOWN SOLDIERS is the most fun unique engaging clan in the gaming community.

We are a gaming society dedicated to the art of military realism in support of all of our brothers and sisters in arms who are fighting for our countries.

Clan Principles

UNKSO is based on a code of conduct based on participation, activity level, customs and courtesies, and respect for the Chain of Command. This code of conduct is expressed in a thorough set of clan regulations that addresses issues all the way from how Recruiters should welcome new members into the clan, what responsibilities fall on our NCO's, and the expectations of every member for how they should carry themselves as a member of our clan.

Awarding Members

Unknown Soldiers not only upholds regulations, but we award members who do and go above and beyond to make sure the clan stays at the top. This is anything from consistent and excellent activity and participation levels, to technical services provided to help maintain our site and servers, to recognizing outstanding contributions over years.


"It's rare that you find a gaming community that you want to stay up until 4am for. A truly unique experience which is worth giving ago. Such an amazing family here."


"This is honestly, without a doubt, the best clan there is for both casual and hardcore players. Battlefield 4 was fun enough, but the moment I joined =US= it got 100x funner. Whether you're looking for people to talk to in team speak, or want a realistic military experience in battlefield, there is no better clan than the Unknown Soldiers!"


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Donate to our clan

Running servers is expensive.

That's why we rely on donations to provide services to this clan. Those include game servers, teamspeak, our website, domains and more.

We're very thankful for any and all help we can get, so if you want to give something back to this community, please consider donating a small amount.

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