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  • =US= 2.1.2

    There are always circumstances that demand prompt action. Any issues deriving from (but not limited to) the following list MUST be pursued immediately and with all leniency granted where the Chain of Command is concerned. Members should ALWAYS feel like they can approach whoever they need to at any time when the following issues are involved. Where these are concerned, ALL DISCRETION SHOULD BE MAINTAINED if a member is raising a concern on behalf of another member. The HIGHEST POSSIBLE PUNISHMENTS will be issued to those that disclose information inappropriately in these situations. There can be consequences not only within the clan, but also legally.
    —> Member security/safety either in or out of official clan communications
    —> Harassment Harassment either in or out of official clan communications
    —> Any legal matters
    —> Account security
    —> Psychological health and welfare

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