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Graphics card questions

Guest grover234

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Guest grover234

Currently I have to play on LOW for all settings and it takes me an extra minute or 2 to load into a new map.


So I was thinking of updating my graphics card


I have a

GeForce GTX 560 Ti


and was looking to get a

GeForce GTX 760 Ti


I have 2 sticks of 8GB RAM too.... maybe this is the issue and not the G card?


Looking for advice on how to not suck


I'm also looking to add another monitor


Thanks for the advice and opinions


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Guest RET.1SG.Maysin=US=

I was also thinking about getting a 760 but after doing my research i found that the geforce GTX 670 is pretty much the same thing.




I think it would be just a matter of finding out if you could get either the 670 or 760 cheaper than the other.

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Guest RET.GEN.Darmine
Loading the game is all the HHD's deal, if you had a SSD you would load faster most likely. I would go with the 760 over the 670 yes essentially they are the same, but the 760 I do believe runs cooler and uses less power. With the 760 you should be able to run BF4 at 60FPS on high settings, which honestly makes little difference compared to extreme.
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3 things to do (still on low though, but helps):

1) defrag hd

2) look at creating a user.cfg to update some hidden settings: http://segmentnext.com/2013/11/06/battlefield-4-tweaks-guide-how-to-improve-graphics-and-performance/

3) shut down other processes that might be running that aren't needed (task manager)


but getting a new gcard will definitely help in performance in game (not load time). Faster load time = faster CPU, faster disk, faster RAM, then faster gcard.


everyone is loading slow though.

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