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Radeon 7950 or 7970

Guest Bluezoid

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Guest RET.GEN.Darmine
Guest Halabrad
While what the general says is true, I would wait a little while and I bet money that once the new cards come out, 7970s will drop in price. Then would be the time to snatch up a couple
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Guest MilkyDG_sT

I wouldn't bother with the R series cards that are coming out because most of the benchmark tests I've seen show that the mid range R series has less performance than 7970. If you can get a 7970 OC edition it will blow away any current benchmarks.


This is what I just ordered, which is a great card with more than enough power to play any game on 1920x1080 with ultra settings.




Core Clock 880MHz

Effective Memory Clock 1250MHz (5.0Gbps)

Memory Size 3GB

Memory Interface 384-bit

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