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PCI-e SATA III + USB 3 Controller?

Guest Ret.Maj.Xander=US=

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Guest Ret.Maj.Xander=US=

Little back story. My current rig for the most part was built in 2009. I was an early adopter to the Core i7 when it first came out. I still have the same CPU and Mobo from that purchase and they both work perfectly. However my board is limited by SATA II and USB 2.0 speeds. This is my board here



I came across this pretty sweet ASUS SATA III controller, and my mobo is one of the ones this supports.




Doing my research I found out that the PCI-e x4 cards give you the full SATA III output speed as compared to the PCI-e x1/x2 controller cards which do not. The bonus here is that I also get USB 3.0.


I recently purchased a SSD which is SATA III capable but it bottle necked at SATA II speeds. Also I'm about to buy a new 2 TB media drive which will be SATA III as well. So I could take full advantage of this card right away.


My question is, does anyone think this is a bad idea? I'm ok with the price, for such a large upgrade without having to buy a new mobo/CPU is worth it I think. Unless someone can give me a reason as to why this is a bad idea.

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