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Need a Laptop

Guest Tracz

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Guest Tracz

I need a versatile laptop that can keep up with my crazy expectations so I can use it on long plane rides and deployments on a ship.

So I basically need it to have these characteristics

-Portable(both in size/battery life) No Larger than 15"/Able to play music and movies for a couple hours.

-Powerful enough to play games at medium at least.

-Drive space large enough for stuff like a DAW, Photoshop, Rosetta Stone.(will have most of my media on separate externals)


I have seen one that can probably handle all this and its the ASUS Zenbook UX32VD

And I would plan on extending the memory with a CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB(with mobo integrated 2GB 1333)

I hear that changes it to single channel but that'd be 10GB of memory sooo

Also I would change out the 5400rpm 500GB HDD with a Crucial M4 256GB SSD(Or if I should cut it down to 128GB since I already run steam/origin off a 500GB USB 3.0 external)

I'm pretty sure that the 32GB SSD is integrated onto the mobo so I would install OS on that and program/user files on removable ssd

The CPU is decent 3rd Gen Intel i7 Dual Core 1.90GHz(I think it can be boosted)

While this might be expensive ~1.5k USD(including upgrades) I'm not sure of the screen size 13.3" I don't know if this would be too small.(I have played CSS on a 14" and I guess it wasn't too bad.)

Or if there's a 14/15" that can be for the same price or cheaper for the same amount of battery life, storage and performance...

Any input on other laptop/parts would be greatly appreciated.

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