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So How many computers in your house do you have, and what are they?

Guest D.Whitehurst

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Guest D.Whitehurst
well starting this thred and hoping to get feedback. just state all the computers you have and what they are and what you use them for post pics if you wish? ill post mine below
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Guest D.Whitehurst

Arriving Tomarrow (Monday) I will have my (Main Gaming Rig)

AMD Phenom II x 4 955 BE 3.2Ghz Quad Core

4 Gigs DDR3 Ram @ 1333

500GB Western Digital Caviar Black @ 7200RPM Sata 6Gb

ASRock AMD770 Sata 6GB & 3GB Motherboard

Nvidia GTX 460 1Gb

750 Watt PSU

Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit & Windows XP 64Bit




Other Computers

EMachines EM250

2GB DDR2 Ram

Intel Atom @ 1.6Ghz Hyperthreading 2 Cores @ 1.6Ghz

500GB Sata HD @ 7200RPM

Windows Vista



AMD Athlon 64 x 2 @ OC' 3.0Ghz

4gigs of DDR2 @ 1066

ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB

2 x 80GB HD @ 7200RPM

Windwos 7



Intel Pentium Dual Core @ 3.5Ghz Processor

4Gigs of DDR2 Ram @ 667

500Gb Hard Drive @ 7200RPM

Nvidia Geforce 9400GT

Windows 7



Gateway T Series

3 GB DDR2 Ram @ 667

Windows Vista

250GB Hard Drive @ 5400RPM

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4Ghz

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Guest Doubleome

Think there have been alot of reason there wernt many practices latly, but most importantly we should get consistant practices back up and running before BF3 arrives. Maybe reavaluate practice times to be sure its as good as it can be with all the returning members and current ones.

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Intel Core i7 950


MSi 6950 (2GB)



Intel Core i3 2100


Intel HD Graphics




Intel Atom Pineview-M N450




Laptop 1

Asus F3SV 15.4" Laptop

Intel Core 2 Duo T7500


NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS (256MB)


Laptop 2

HP Pavilion DV2 12.1" Laptop

AMD Turion X2 Neo

ATi Mobility Radeon 3410 (512MB)


Laptop 3

Compaq Presario 14" Laptop

Pentium 2-366




Thecus N4100PRO

4x1.5TB HDD (RAID 5)



Thecus N7700PRO

7x2.0TB HDD (RAID5)

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Guest RET.Maj.Skyler=US=
6 total. 2 gaming rigs, 2 backups that can play games with low settings, and 2 for my family to use. Plus 3 laptops. Don't want to list all the details on them all really. The 2 gaming rigs are in my room, and done times the backups as well so friends can play.
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Guest RET.Maj.SKI=US=

7 laptops, 4 desktops, 1 iPad.


LAPTOPS (Company Owned)

17" Dell Latitude (My primary workstation)

17" MacBook Pro (My wife's primary workstation)


LAPTOPS (Family Owned)

17" Dell Precision - Gaming Laptop

15" Dell Precision - Secondary Work Laptop

14" Dell Latitude - Older machine which dabbles in LINUX

17" Toshiba Satellite - This machine thinks it is a Windows 2003 Server

15" Toshiba Satellite - My wife's spider solitaire and Volleyball & Softball Stats machine



iMac - Plays radio and music in my office while I work (home office) , also used for forum access.

HP Pavillion Slimline - Children's desktop. Can't give them something good, they might want to surf the internet, play online games, and even join a cult or clan :)

Old Dell Mini Tower - Used for working on very old work projects.

Homemade machine circa 2004 - probably shouldn't count this one. I'm not sure it still works, it is in my office sitting in the floor though


iPad 1st generation - Just for fun


Who has time to list all the specs :)

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Guest RET.CW4.ThievingSix=US=
iPad 1st generation - Just for fun


I expected better from you SSgt :D


You guys have so many pc's its crazy. I have 1 smart phone and 2 regular phones in my house. 1 Desktop 1 Laptop and a PS3 if that counts. I only got the laptop earlier this year and i will soon have a second desktop.

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Guest RET.Maj.SKI=US=

I actually find the iPad useful in work for reading PDF files (manuals). It is so much quicker to boot and open those files than the laptops. And I was too cheap to get an iPad 2 until I found out whether I liked the tablet concept or not.

I have an iMac because my wife uses Apple computers at school and always has a question for me on how to do things. That was difficult since I never used Apple Computers until now. Plus, I boot the machine into windows occasionally just because I can.

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My computer For BF3



16GB ram

Geforce 460 1Gb


One Dell server 24GB ram, 6core + NAS


Laptop 1st

i3 core

integred graphic card

4Gb ram


Laptop 2nd


8GB ram

unidentified graphic card



My laptop

Intel 2 centrino or something with 2 core


Gf 9600M 512MB

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