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Nice cheap Ivy PCI 3.0 gen Mobo from ASRock

Guest Doubleome

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Guest Doubleome

Hey guys,


Was looking around and noticed this board popping up in the stores.


ASRock Extreme 3 GEN 3


Compared to Asus, Gigabyte and MSI you would save quiet some money, this board does have fewer USB ports and no onboard USB 3.0 header. But does have SLI and CF support, there is also more expensive versions ofc. Plus it looks really good. I have been told its a nice board if you are not sure just do some research. And dont forget its PCI-E 3.0 and Ivy bridge ready.


For my situation I dont need more then 3 USB ports, and dont have any USB 3.0 devices atm and really whats the big problem of just plugging something in the back of your PC ?


Anyway just wanted to share this with people, in my case would save me 40 euros which is not bad.

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