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New News... sorry sound.

Guest D.Whitehurst

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Guest D.Whitehurst

good news guys just found out thier offering service in my area from (drum roll....) FiOs! Fiber Optic Fast Connection you can get really these days perfect for about anytthing Better than cable... :)


New Speeds....

Download: 150MBPS

Upload: 35MBPS awesome isnt it, or


Download: 50MBPS

Upload: 20MBPS




Download: 25MBPS

MATCHED. Upload: 25MBPS <----------Really awesome seriously you could host like a 300Man Minecraft server + no problems easily...


or one last one


Download: 15MBPS

Upload: 5MBPS <----------Perfect for gaming / hosting small server



Great news is the price of this is not so bad only $199.99/month for the 150Dn / 35Up and i was offered a 7 day free trial. yay me? i guess i dono but guys seriously listen i know im always going on and on about this do your self a favor even if money is tight and go with the budget witch is the 15Down and 5 Up its only $45/month about the same as Charter's ----> 18MBPS / 2 Up for $49.95/month so you do the math, same price better speeds... and this is threw FiOs Search them up people who get this are like god loving in all so many good things are spreaded about them i think verizon runs em' but not sure and this is NOT WIRELESS THREW VERIZON <-0------------CAPS LOCK just pointing that out there.

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The electric company in my town has ftth. 10Mb up/down for $35 per month. You could move to Chattanooga and get 1Gb for $299. :-)
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