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****Random Video Thread****

Guest RET.Realgrunt=US=

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Guest MsKami

ok I said i post our arsenal

here is a quick vid from our last shooting outing

the beautiful girl loading the clip is my daughter :)

she gets it from her mom :razz::-P:-P


I think about 53 seconds into it and the end'ish they finally point the camera at the guns LOL



see you guys in game tonight woot!!!

was awsome last night cant believe I got lost in game for so long lol

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Guest SGT.SilentScout^=US=

This is what I used to be a gunner on, M3A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, it has a 240C for secondary weapon, a 25MM Maingun, and a Tow missle Launcher, first video in 240C and 25MM firing second is the tow missle in action, not our vehicles just a few I found to give you all a feel what us Scouts have


and now the T.O.W:

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