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  1. Application View Application Status Arul Submitted 01/07/2023 12:38 AM Name Arul Email ****@**** Timezone America/Chicago Country United States Additional Application Fields All Clan Games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (DMZ and WZ2.0) Primary Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (DMZ and WZ2.0) In-Game Name(s) BlueBunny#9765889 Discord ID avk87#4369 Geographical Location Chicago Age 35 Where did you hear about Unknown Soldiers? Reddit Post Have you served or are you currently in the military? Never Why do you want to join =US=? Coordinating and playing with teammates brings out the best gaming experience. Thanks for letting me join the COD MP games on 1/6. Can you attend our weekly meetings? Yes Do you have a working microphone? Yes Can you attend clan practices and boot camps, follow the chain of command and actively participate on the forums and Discord? Yes Do you have any experience with websites/forums, recruiting or other special clan-related activites? I've experience in web analytics (in my previous life) and data science if that helps. Escape from Tarkov Practice N/A - Not applying for this game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (DMZ and WZ2.0) I can sometimes attend BF2042 Practice N/A - Not applying for this game
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