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  1. Application View Application Status ImaginedSelf Submitted 07/13/2022 08:35 AM Name ImaginedSelf Email ****@**** Timezone * Country * Additional Application Fields All Clan Games Battlefield 2042 Primary Game Battlefield 2042 In-Game Name(s) ImaginedSelf Discord ID * Geographical Location * Age * Where did you hear about Unknown Soldiers? MAJ.Kaossilator=US= Former Clans none Have you served or are you currently in the military? * Why do you want to join =US=? Sounds like a cool organization! Never been a part of a team for Battlefield, I would love to join an organization so I asked on Battlefields Discord in open chat. Can you attend our weekly meetings? Yes Do you have a working microphone? Yes Can you attend clan practices and boot camps, follow the chain of command and actively participate on the forums and Discord? Yes Do you have any experience with websites/forums, recruiting or other special clan-related activites? Sure, I am really active in Star Citizen now, but was in Eve Online for 12 years. I am a passionate player. Escape from Tarkov Practice N/A - Not applying for this game Call of Duty Warzone Practice N/A - Not applying for this game BF2042 Practice I can always attend
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