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Midnight server pubing

Guest GearShot

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Guest RET.COL.SilverEupher=US=






Thank you for taking interest in =Unknown Soldiers=. My name is 1stSgt.SilverEupher=US= and I would like to offer you a position in the =US=. If you accept this offer, please respond to this post saying that you accept.


You have 48 hours to accept; if you fail to accept within 48 hours, your application will be denied. At that point you will have to fill out another application if you wish to do so.



It is required you change your name for Battlefield 4. Please change your Origin account name to Yourname-US-, and you can do so here: http://www.origin.com/us/change-id. After doing so your name on the scoreboard should look like this Yourname-US-. Your clan rank should be placed in your clan tag, so the final product will look like this: [RT]Yourname-US-





You are also required to download TeamSpeak at: http://www.teamspeak.com/ if you have not already.


You will receive your Team Speak registration information from me within 24 hours after you accept this post. This information will be sent to you via your private messages (PM) on our forums (found in the upper right corner of the page, under notifications).




Please PM or chat message me if you have any problems setting up TeamSpeak. Otherwise please contact me to set up a time to meet me in TeamSpeak to discuss your training schedule.





Welcome to the Clan from:

Capt.BlackTulip=US= - Officer In Charge (OIC) of Recruiting and Basic Training






=US= Recruiter

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Guest GearShot
I had the most fun pubing in the http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/PC/fbb1d3ff-6185-4d96-aa30-ebac1c9fcdd6/U-Rock-24-7-TOTAL-CONQUEST-uRockGamers-com-70/ with the Air force and Army together we won 3 games in a row vanilla style. There was lots of team work between the two branches awesome to see. Even the recruits were leading Squads. Stepping up to the plate. Had lots of fun.
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