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Looking for BF4 Players

Guest AnarkyKillSwitch

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NMoog's Application

In-game name:

Mob Colonel

How did you hear about =US=? (Include link if there is one)


Which day and time are you able to attend on a regular basis?

Saturday 3PM EST/ 1900 GMT

Geographical Location:

United states



Do you have, or are you planning on purchasing BF4 soon?


Former Clans (include URLs, if available):


Rank, name and date of discharge from =US= (former members only):


Favorite BF3 weapon AND vehicle:

SKS - Tank

Tell us about yourself:

As of right now a casual gamer joined series at battlefield 3. i am in the united states air force as a 2A755 been in for two years and am currently an E-3 but put onEe-4 in February of 2014.

Why do you want to join =US=?

Looking for a new game experience, and a good group of people to play with.

Other games you play:

madden 25. ffxiv, LOL, GW2,

Can you attend our weekly meetings?


How many hours per week can you devote to =US=?


Can you attend clan practices and boot camps, follow the chain of command and actively participate on the forums and TeamSpeak?


Do you have any experience with websites/forums, recruiting or other special clan-related activites?


Can you be a dedicated player?


Did you read the info on this page? http://clanunknownsoldiers.com/barracks/showthread.php?13144-Learn-about-the-Unknown-Soldiers


DO NOT USE: Recruiter's Notes Only:


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Guest RET.TSgt.Warlord=US=


I have 2 fellow Marines and myself looking for more players that can potentially play nights EST US.


Welcome, whats your MOS?

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