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Post Your Battlestation!

Guest d1scr337

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Guest RET.TSgt.Warlord=US=



Here is my rig, its a MainGear, 31" screen, Razor Keyboard/mouse/headset.


...and my cami's off to the side (eh) ;D

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Guest RET.1SG.Maysin=US=



My battlestation. Before anyone hates on the alienware, don't worry, i didn't pay full price :).


+ some razer gear and logitech speakers, and a school laptop.

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Guest d1scr337

General, Sir, if i may be so bold, do you sit on the floor? That desk seems very short.


Painkiller nice set up, whats that giant glowing blue thing by your chair?

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Guest PainKiller
Sgt, it is a giant uh... ball... lamp thing... I saw it at a garage sale sooooo I got it. I mean my set up is blue and black so I figured it would fit right in haha
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i5-3570K 3.8 GHz

2x GTX 670 FTW 2GB




z77 chipset motherboard SATA III

H60 liquid CPU cooler


27" LED monitor 1920x1080 HD

Logitech z906 5.1 Surround Sound speakers

Razer Death Adder mouse

Razer Carcharias headphones

Razer Black Widow keyboard

Logitech Attack 3 joystick

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I see a joystick, you find it useful for flying in BF?


Roger that Sir. Very useful for flying! It really enhances the dogfight ability since you can maximize your turn without that millisecond delay when moving your mouse back to it's normal spot. I like to keep my A and D buttons as rudder.

Example: on a left hand tight turn

Keep the A key down, the joystick angled all the way left and slightly up. Extremely tight turn while slightly climbing. After completing a 720 degree turn, keep holding the A key while tilting the joystick all the way left and halfway down. You almost skip half a turn because you were actually inverted for a second. People with a mouse can not follow a tight path like this, while at the same time allows you to catch up on your prey a whole 180 degrees. After just 6-8 360 degree turns, the person on your tail is now right in front of you.

I've proven this theory in BF1942, BF2, BF3, and Combat Flight Simulator 3 against my brother, who is also an ace. He flies with a mouse, and can't hold that turn.


Another thing I've done in BF1942 (not sure how this works in BF3):

If someone's on your tail and you bank left, but you're having a hard time catching up to him. As you begin that gradual climb while turning left, suddenly angle up a lot higher, holding your left turn. The result is a 270 degree turn that inverts you and puts you right behind the enemy (as long as they continued their turn). Also, even if they saw you do the flip, it's next to impossible to follow and there's so many options once you are pointed downward with that much airspeed! It's another maneuver that requires a joystick to properly execute.


What people say about not being able to keep your sights on a ground target with a joystick is also an exaggeration. It's just something to get used to, and works plenty well enough for me!

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Nice set up SrA, looks awesome! Haha Razer products everywhere!


Hahaha roger Sgt I love Razer! & those Logitech speakers are really good too! 550W I believe?

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