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Guest RET.1SG.Maysin=US=

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Guest kronqvist

kronqvist's Application

In-game name:

War Thunder:kronqvist

How did you hear about =US=? (Include link if there is one)

Which day and time are you able to attend on a regular basis?

Wednesday 9PM EST

Geographical Location:




Former Clans (include URLs, if available):

No former clans

Rank, name and date of discharge from =US= (former members only):

Not a former member

Favorite BF3 weapon AND vehicle:


Tell us about yourself:

I like to play battlefield games mostley BFBC2. Sadly I don't own BF3 but i'm going to buy it .I'm mostley quiet beacouse I really don't have much to talk about .I can only play games from mondays to thursdays.

Why do you want to join =US=?

I want to join a clan that are polite and actualy asking if you are having problems.

Other games you play:


Can you attend our weekly meetings?


How many hours per week can you devote to =US=?


Can you attend clan practices and boot camps, follow the chain of command and actively participate on the forums and TeamSpeak?


Do you have any experience with websites/forums, recruiting or other special clan-related activites?


Can you be a dedicated player?


Did you read the info on this page? http://clanunknownsoldiers.com/barracks/showthread.php?13144-Learn-about-the-Unknown-Soldiers


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Guest RET.1SG.Maysin=US=
I was wondering if anyone could help me with this MOS site. My name on my MOS account is still my old name Maysin1337, but when i go to update my name in My Profile to Maysin it says "Unable to retrieve Member details." Has anyone ever had this problem before? I have added a player with the name Maysin, but my account name is still Maysin1337 on the MOS site. I have requested enrollment in a MOS but it doesn't seem to update my stats from my BF3 stats. Does my account name need to be change from Maysin1337 for it to track properly?
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Guest RET.PO2.Basman=US=

This is my login name


But my Player name is


as it appears on BF3 stats. your player name has to match the name on BF3 stats

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Guest RET.1SG.Maysin=US=
Roger Tech Sergeant, i guess i just am not able to change my login name, but i am able to change the player name. Thanks tech.
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