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Campaigns - Imagine it!

Guest RET.TSgt.Warlord=US=

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Guest RET.TSgt.Warlord=US=

When I was younger and I played Joint Operations:Typhoon Rising/Escalation, there was a legal mod adopted by NovaLogic called Joint Operations: International Conflict, and it was a community of gamers who chose which side they would like to fight for, and from that past I come with this idea!


Lets hold our own campaigns!


We would have to do this on a solid 32 v 32 or 16 v 16, no 4 v 4 or anything of the lower number type. This will improve all tactical communications within the clan and build more camaraderie. We would go to other clans and offer this proposition, each campaign vs a rival clan would last 8 weeks each with a total of 6 Campaign's a year;


There would be awards for Most Valuable Player, Ace Squads (usually those are the squads that use the best of tactics), awards for the Commanders (O-1 and above for leadership, unit cohesion and the ability to lead our side to a Campaigns victory), and so forth! Best yet, to keep the campaigns active, our rival clans can even be awarded.


This is just a thought, and I would like to have all of you to build upon this though, I know I'm just a Junior NCO but I love to see camaraderie between players and what way could be better then to immerse ourselves into a in-depth way of gaming!


Just imagine, your two fire teams are moving into an objective but get pinned by Machine Gun fire, so you call in air support, a few seconds later (ground shakes, the building crumbles and the enemy is terminated), you advance and take the objective, your armor units are heavily engaged against enemy armor, laser designators are painting the targets and team of two engineers lock on, FIRE! etc etc

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