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Concerning Password Security

Guest TripMine

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Guest xRamPagex

Hello =US= soldiers


OK About this Hacker ::::: My E mail accounts / were / was / attempted / He , they , tried to gain access them but failed.... because of the leaderships quick response to let the clan know of this attack ....I'M still making attempts to change all my CC and bank passwords

Just FYI and CYA.... ASAP

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Guest TripMine

I just getting a second to post my recommendation for managing passwords.


I use LASTpass for eeeeeeeeeeeeeverything.

I forgot to mention that if you click the link above you'll get 1 month of premium free, and so will I. w00t.


You can accumulate up to 2 years of free months. For each person that signs up, you get one additional month of LastPass Premium!


- Why you should trust it -

Your master password produces a hash by utilizing PBKDF2 with SHA-256 instead of SHA-1.

This is what decrypts your vault, and conversely is used to store data back into it. All of this takes place locally on your machine.


- Reasons to use it -


Shares - If you want to let someone access an account without divulging the actual password, you can share rights out to your stored entry of that account, and terminate it at your leisure.


Multi-Factor Authentication - Ensures that if your master ever becomes compromised, your account is still secure.


Bookmarklets - Allows you to get the same "autofill" "autologon" features when you can't install add-ons or extensions (Group Policy or Unsupported Browser)


Save Form Data - Stores form fields that need to be replayed (USE CASE: If your billing / shipping address are always different)


- How to use it (like a BOSS) -


General Tutorial - http://youtu.be/tx8tnVX8z7w


"Save All Entered Data" - http://youtu.be/LmYQM0bhNg4


Secure Notes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrJk8qvnivs


On-Screen Keyboard - Defeats keyloggers for initial logon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiEiza0IWgc


BookMarklets - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxR2FH1O83A

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