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The greatest video of all time

Guest Trevor

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Guest Halabrad

that reminds me of the patrols we did in ROTC. Full kit with rubber duckies (rubber training weapons). The SAW gunner was hilarious



was it just me, or did anyone else see that the technical had a giant belt of .50cal, yet none of the guys actually had ammo?

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Guest RET.TSgt.Warlord=US=
...We did this in Marine Combat Training(MCT) as well... To conserve rounds... All you could hear is boom boom boom, Rat a tat tat(I did that mostly)... I found it hilarious and sad all at once... Now I'm all depressed... lol
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Guest DemiGawd

I did this as a young boy with my friends in the woods.. does that count?


"I got you!"

"No you didn't! I was behind a bush!"


oh the magic of the protective bush... Thanks to all of you who did this for real, I feel a hole in my heart sometimes that I never served my country.



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