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(Game) Whats in common?

Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

Game 2 in: ShadowOp's series of forum games. More will come so keep an eye out.



Game 2:

What do these 3 things have in common?



Basic Rules:


The way this works is you write three items that all share something in common, then other members guess what that is. The member that guesses right gets to do the next one



Person A Posts-



Your back out


Person B Posts - Things you can throw


Person B's turn.



Additional Rules



1. Remember keep it friendly and fun (no cursing, obscenities, things too ridiculous)

Basically, if you wouldn't say it out loud during a Friday Meeting, don't post it in here


2. Don't make them too ridiculous / ambiguous / vague / or impossible

Ex: Man, Ostrich , T-Rex (Things that breathe) - This would be a bad one

Ex: Man, Ostrich , T-Rex (Things that walk on 2 legs) - This would be better


3. You can only make 1 guess per post, and must wait for at least one other person to post or until 30 minutes has passed before posting again. (whichever comes first).


Person A guesses.


Person B guesses.


30 minutes pass


Person A guesses. <--- The earliest Time Person A could guess again.


4. For guessing and passing the game, Reply with quotes.


5. Once a guesser has guessed the link correctly respond in the following way:

Correct, "username" 's turn. And, if possible pm them letting them know they got it right.


6. When you guess right you get to post a list:


7. If a hint is given the guessing cycle restarts. I.E if you made a guess right before the hint you are free to do so again directly after the hint is given.

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=
Things that can be thrown.


I was sure that would take more than one guess, but dang you go it.P


PO2.112jesse112=US=, your turn.

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

Round 3.

This round will last from posts #38 - #58 .

Also there have been some rule updates, please read them in the first post.

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=


Dang I was sure no one was going to get this one......good job.


RT.ender=US=, your turn!

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Guest 112jesse112
a belt, a bank robber, thumbtacks

Theyre all black ? (not racist about the back robber, the clothes hes wearing are black)

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