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(Game) 4 word story

Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

Game 1 in: ShadowOp's series of forum games. More will come so keep an eye out.





I check the forums several times a day at work, and sometimes things are pretty slow so this is an attempt at giving me something more to read / increasing forum activity a bit / and just having some fun.




Game 1:

To start we are going to do an easy one: 4 word story.



Basic Rules:


The way this works is we create a story but each post can only be 4 words.



Person A Posts - Peter Piper Picked a

Person B Posts - Ripe banana at walmart





Additional Rules & Information



1. Remember keep it friendly and fun (no cursing, obscenities, things too ridiculous)

Basically, if you wouldn't say it out loud during a Friday Meeting, don't post it in here




If you are joining in on the story in the middle of it, please go back to the root post and read the background and all the story posts to the most recent so you fully understand the story.




The same person may only post every other post so:


Person A

Person B

Person A <---- earliest he can post again.


3.Write the post number that your post should on the second line of your post and post the link the root of the story arc at the end of each of your posts.


Player A starts with:

I got up today (and his post number was #47)


Player B would write

and went to the park


link to post #47


Player C would write

to watch the birds.


link to post #47


This way we know if two people accidentally posted at the same time etc. and they can go back and catch up on the story.


4.Punctuation doesn't count as a word (please use it)


Player A:

I feel quite hungry.


Player B:

Maybe I will eat


Player C:

some fries with cheese.



5.And the end of a story arc I will put all the lines together to make the story more readable.

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

Newb, king of dip.



Alright I'm calling an end to this story line. I think this first run turned out pretty nicely.

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