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Project Reality 1.0 (BF2 Mod)

Guest Conman51

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Guest Conman51

Hey guys! How you been? Excited for BF4?


I doubt many of you remember me from WAYYYYY back in the day when we played BF2 and Cod4 but i just wanted to drop by and let everyone know about the new version of a BF2 mod you used to support called Project Reality.


So whats new with it?


Well specific to this version:

A new Launcher/ Updater

Back Up Iron sights on some weapons that have them In Real Life

100P servers

Integrated Mumble (an improved version of VOIP with positional audio)

French Forces and African Resistance Forces

New effects and sounds


New since BF2:

New game modes

Factions/ weapons/ vehicles



Buildable/ Deployable objects

New kit system

and much more!






More info and screenshots:





Warnings and disclaimers:


PR is not for everyone. It is much slower paced and stressful than most games on the market now.

Teamwork and communication are very crucial, as are patience and willingness to learn.


Dont expect this to be a simulator though. That is NOT the purpose of PR. Its main goal is to be a tactical teamwork game with realistic elements tahts easily acceable to people who are willing to have fun in teamwork environment.


If you have any questions ask here or sign up on the forums, the community is very active and there are always full servers around the world at about any time of day.


If you would like to play and want some one to show you the ropes and tag along with hit me up on steam.


Steam: conman51

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