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SR.hairy_ape - BANNED - Dishonorable Discharge - 7/20/2013

Guest RET.MG.Qotsa=US=

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Guest RET.MG.Qotsa=US=

Well once again we have another brilliant individual who thinks that here in Unknown Soldiers it is ok to hack/Alter game files or whatever the hell else it is that allowed him to shoot 304 bullets and kill 304 times.


To me and the other JCS members it is unacceptable to alter game files in any way, Run hacks, Etc.


Here in =US= it should be well known that we do not pressure ANY members because of their skill level. All are treated equally. I hope that if their are any other members cheating or thinking of cheating post up their DC immediately and save us both the trouble. To me it is an embarrassment when we have to discharge someone like this.


His "formal Discharge" will be posted in the members section. Evidence is submitted below.








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