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Assualt loadout discussion

Guest keener

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Guest keener

I'm not sure this is the best place in the forum to post this link however I couldn't figure a better one.


I'd like to start a discussion on your favorite/most affective loadout for each class. With this thread we will begin the conversation about the Assualt class. Feel free to post multiple setups and cite each one's advantages and disadvantages as well as it's most affective style and setting.


I'm a level 20 so I've yet to unlock many weapons however I've settled into an assualt role most of the time as I enjoy the medic role as well.


My balanced loadout: M16A3 with Foregrip and Heavy barrel, defibs, supression, holo site. The M16 is a great weapon and it's well documented how powerful it is at short and medium ranges. I find 7-10 bullet bursts will serve this weapon well. I'm not expert on the foregrip and heavy barrel and it's affects so as I learn... I'll add to this thread.


My open map (intermediate range) loadout: M16A4 with foregrip and Heavy barrel, defibs, supression, holo site OR Kobra. This loadout Is the one I take when we're in a more open environment and let me tell you, after you figure out how to burst fire, it's deadly! This thing is scary accurate so if you're more than 40-50 yards away from your target and he's sporting another assualt weapon... you should fare well! Take this one to the practice range and figure out that tap tap tap rythm and view the impressive bullet spread!


My Close quarters loadout: Right now, I still use the M16a3 which is my balanced setup most, but I've just unlocked the F2000 so i've gotta get the attachements unlocked and it'll surely become my close quarters gun. I read that a flash supressor and the laser makes this a close quarters-stealth-hipfiring champion. Watch videos of the F2000 with the flash supressor (to keep you off the mini map) and the laser to help with hipfiring accuracy... It's an impressive full auto spray machine. With the combo of being stealth due to using the supressor and not having to aim down your sites in close quarters with the accuracy of the hip fire laser boost, this 850 bullets/min gun is the quickdraw champion. Keep the enemy close and you win! Looking forward to trying this one out as I've never been great at close quarters although I've gotten way better using the M16A3 lately by spraying more bullets instead of my instinct that tells me to tripple tap.


I know there is the AEK and the M416 that also are great guns... these that I've listed are just the ones that suit my style as I like the sound, feel and cerainly their performance.



A quick note about your own personal development as a bf3 player: I see a lot of threads on the net asking what's the best setup, what should I use? And so, here's my opinion: it doesn't really matter that much. IF you have good tactical awareness and run with a good bunch of blokes like the =US= that are ever learning to work together as a squad, then slight differences in loadouts won't matter that much. The reality seems to be that each class has 3 or 4 loadouts that are extremely competitive and then it's a matter of having the awareness of picking the loadout that suits your environment, knowing it's limitations/pros/cons and then working together with your squad.


I will say this, as a casual player without much ability and having not been in a squad for a LONG time... I didn't take too much interest in my loadout... I just kinda played bf2 and vietnam as a stress reliever and something to just brainlessly do.... It's different for me now... which brings me to this important conclusion.


If you want to know what's the best loadout for you... then do some reading, watch some youtube videos on best loadouts etc... and then test them for yourself. Test them in game, test them in an empty server where you use the landscape like a firing range. Fire full auto... fire in bursts.... all at different ranges. BASICALLY, JUST TAKE AN INTEREST IN KNOWING A FEW LOADOUTS and then it will come to you. Just doing this will help you understand your effictive kill zones and how you should be playing with any given loadout. Then take that knowledge and apply it to your gaming with the group. Know that when you get on the Operation Firestorm or the railroad maps that you'll be encountering longer distances between you and your acquired targets (Unless you're defensively camping in the building beside the flag). So take the loadout that's appropriate for you style and your surroundings.


I know much of this is elementary to most of you but the format can also be a tool for new recruits/visitors/rookies etc... I hope you all enjoy this exercise as much as me.

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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

Good post, and good thoughts on loadouts. Personally, I agree with just about everything you said. It just takes time to get to know the weapons and a lot of exposure in different scenarios. Once you have your set of weapons you will tend to stick with those, and then bounce between loadouts based on the situation. Even just focusing more on one flag/objective on the same map can make one weapon better than another, let alone one kit being more appropriate than another.


For myself...



- M16A3; mid/large maps

*** I'll have to give the M16A4 a try.. this is definitely not the first time I've heard the A4 recommended for those exact reasons.

- AEK; mid maps that balance between urban and open

*** I've started to really not use the AEK at all lately... I don't know why but I really can barely shoot the thing anymore

- F2000; CQ and urban



AK-74; mid/large maps

M4A1; mid maps that balance between urban and open

MTAR; CQ and urban



M249; good all-around weapon (at least I think so)

I've tinkered with the PKP some, but haven't dumped much time into it



M98B; long-range

SKS; semi short/mid range

L96; bolt short/mid range


SMG's for all kits

PP19; CQ/mid

MP7; short


Attachments (Assault/Engie)

- Heavy barrel; when on larger maps

- Flash suppr; when on HC mid/large maps

- Suppr; when in CQ situations or when I'm just having fun :)


* Underslung when I'm using 320

* If medkit, the I use the bipod since the foregrip seems to punish my aim for some reason on just about every assault or engie weapon


+ Reflex RDS almost 100% of the time, never any magnification


Attachments (Support)



* Bipod


+ Reflex RDS; 95% of the time

+ PSO 3.4x; the other 5% when I need to push some rounds down range a ways away


Attachments (Recon)

- No barrel attachments except occasionally Suppressor on the SKS


* Straight-pull just about all the time


+ 12x for distance

+ Reflex RDS or 3.4x for short/mid


Attachments (SMG)

- Suppr, but only Hardcore


* Laser Sight


+ Reflex RDS

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Guest Prostego

I usually don't bother to change weapons depending on the Map so much as I change kits situationally.




M16A3; Heavy Barrel, Kobra, BiPod.

The M16A3 is the most balanced rifle in the game so it can be applied well at all ranges, I have the bi-pod becasue the foregrip isn't worth using on this gun and with about 60% of my playtime on support I know how to use a bi-pod like no other.


Medpack, when I'm on the defending side or in a match I expect to last longer like pubbing or TDM, M320 whenever theres an objective to assault (making alternate entry routes is always a win)




PKP; ACOG, Bi-pod, extended Mags,

it's a Beastly weapon once you learn to control it for anchoring a defensive point, I can mow down entire teams or countersnipe. On the off occasion I need to be mobile I can swap for a foregrip and Kobra, though the recoil takes a lot of adjusting too.

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Guest RhinoTech

My favorite class is Assault. I like using weapons such as the M16A3, F2000, AEK, etc when I'm bored or tired (because for most seasoned players they are relatively easy guns to master). When I'm ready for war, I like to use:



Often with iron sights, sometimes with the kobra. No other attachments. The Scar-L is an extremely accurate burst fire weapon in my hands. When ADS, burst fire dominates medium to long range & obliterates in close range in full auto. The only way I'll die 1v1 against another assault who has the same acquisition speed as me is due to a higher Rate of Fire (RoF).


As a Recon:


M40A5 or M98B or SV98 (in that order)

I used to use the Acog exclusively for my sniper weapons, but I'm now finding a certain satisfaction in using iron sights only. It's a lot harder, but that's what helps to increase skill: mastering levels of difficulty.


As a Support:


M240B or M249 (in that order)

Defensively I'll use an Acog or 1x scope/sight with bipod and extended ammo. Offensively (running around) I'll use iron sights, foregrip, and extended ammo. It's important with these massive RoF weapons to consistently test your aim while on the move to improve your target acquisition as well as rounds to center mass.


I don't like to play engineer because that means I'm on a vehicle map (most of the time). If I'm engineer I'll repair, use RPGs and the SG554 (or whatever it's called).


It's important to pick your pistol depending on the tactics you use most. I know that I am the kind of fighter that relies on sending more bullets (not wastefully) to center mass of my target than the kind of fighter that sends the right bullet to the right place. I prefer semi-auto weapons because I rely on my target acquisition skills to send bullets to the target. With auto-fire or rapid fire it means more work for you in regards to target acquisition. So burst firing is pivotal in medium to close ranges, semi/short bursts in long range.


I use the MP443 consistently no matter my class for two attributes: hi-cap mag & relatively accurate hip-fire. The reasons I rely on those two attributes is that my play style requires sending as many bullets to target as possible, and because as I'm killing/attacking one enemy I'm also thinking of my next target.


There are many ways to die in close quarters infantry situations:

1)ran out of ammo

2)horrible aim

3)didn't make good enough use of cover


In any case, you'll want to take note of your play style. Do you run out of ammo at critical moments? When you ran out of ammo, did you rush too quickly when you should have taken the time to reload? Were there too many enemies surrounding you so that despite effectively using each bullet to kill, they still overwhelmed you? Are you getting the jump on the enemy but dying because despite being able to shoot 31 bullets at them you missed most of your shots? Are you ignoring the minimap (when available) so that you didn't notice that guy that was spotted stalking you and now knifed you? Did you aim down sight (ADS) for too long in one place and get knifed/C4'd/headshotted/320'd/defibbed/took an arrow to the knee/etc?


Asking these questions helps you to find the answer, and when you have an answer you have a potential solution. Solutions lead to evolution, and evolution leads to fear, and fear is the path to the Dark Side.

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Guest GearShot


I never like to play assault t'll i got here to this clan. It forces you to run it. Because in team work you got to keep member alive no matter what.

P90; with reflex RDS,foregrip or flash supp., and the heavy barrel. =US= like to play in close range maps. For me this best weapon to murder.

M9; I don't use pistola much i prefer the knife.

M320 smoke; This always been my girl. I call her Jessica. it helps me get to my team that are down in the middle of the road and revived them quick. When I play Rush on the attacking team, I pull this baby out. Easy to set the bomb.

Defibrillator; is a must.



I hate snipers trying to pick me off when I'm walking around or enjoying the view of the map.

M98B;scope 8x,stright pull bolt,supp. when in HC server, NO supp. vanilla server. This bad boy clears out all sniper in the maps I'm in. Now I can walk in peace.

Tugs; This is my little friend, lets me know when enemy is near it. if you're on my sq don't be near it because it draws in the enemy.

Radio beacon; This is the big brother of my little friend. If you're in my sq spawn in and run away. I't too draws in enemy's. you can stay and die if you wish.


Support: I'm not a fan of the support but if i can't take out a tank with RPG ill pull out my c-4.



A91;Kobra RDS,forgrip,heavy barrel in vanilla server and supp. HC servers.

M9; I prefer the Knife.

SMAW; killer of all killers. Sniper are scared and tanks don't like it from behind. Choppers they fly away like girls.

Repair tool; my best friend.


See you in the battle field always watch your back that knife hurts.

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Guest Jericho88
I usually don't bother to change weapons depending on the Map so much as I change kits situationally.


I completely agree. I have my loadouts for each kit based off of just that. If I'm feeling like I'm going to be at short or medium range, in the thick of it, I almost always go for Assault, where I have a SCAR-L outfitted with an M145 sight (Or something within the 3.4x-4x zoom range), heavy barrel, and foregrip. Good for any occasion. Except, you know, armor. But there are times when I want a good single shot to do the job quietly, so I can continue scouting and feeding situational awareness.


That brings me to recon, which I don't play too conventionally. A lot of guys grab a M98B or JUNG-90 and sit on a hill trying to place those very long-range headshots. I used to do that, but once I grabbed the M417, it changed completely. I go medium to long range as Recon, slipping around perimeters of highly contested areas. The M417 is fitted with a PK-A sight and a suppressor. I don't like the bipod because it'll deploy when I don't mean it to, and a foregrip hurts long range accuracy. I love the role of the quiet observer, and I think it's a necessary position that not many fill. Running with a squad then dropping a spawn beacon in just the right spot strategically for them has never steered me wrong.


So, Assault and Recon are my favorites, but I play them with essentially the same mentality, just for different range parameters. Which sounds bizarre, I know, but it really does work for me.

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Guest Aristo

M16A3 w/ Heavy Barrel, Kobra, Foregrip optional


I usually run a medpack, but sometimes it's worth it to use smoke in an organized match. This is, without a doubt the most balanced and meta-friendly assault loadout. The M16A3 can be used to great extent with to without a foregrip. You don't need one if you can pull your mouse well, but it does help in lessening the sideways recoil, so it's personal preference. The recoil, coupled with the fast fire rate makes this the best all-rounder and go-to gun of the game.


AEK-971 w/ Heavy Barrel, Kobra, Foregrip


More situational than the M16A3, the AEK has the advantage in being an extremely fast-firing weapon. It's recoil is just like the M16A3, except reversed and a bit stronger - you pull to the right instead of the left. I wouldn't advise it for longer ranges, but good shots can use it with nearly as much versatility as the M16A3.


Kobra has the advantage over RDS in that it gives a greater FOV through the circle, restricting your vision much less. Also, the RDS works by putting the dot over your target, which obscures it. The Kobra's reticule lets you see what you're shooting better and the horizontal lines give you a better visual of the gun's recoil.

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Guest keener
For extreme close quarters combat I've been using the f2000 with foregrip and laser site to make it a hip firing champion. I'm loving it on noshar canals....
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Guest RET.COL.SilverEupher=US=
I enjoy the MP7 with extended mag and laser, and the P90 for close quarters hip fire. You can hold down the trigger and mag dump the P90 and only have to let up once about half way through. Both of them can be laser beams with hip fire even at medium distances.
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Guest SamCaie

Assault loadouts:

F2000; RDS, Foregrip, Heavy Barrel (close quarters)

SCAR-L; M145, Foregrip, Heavy Barrel (medium-long range, Hardcore)

AEK-971; Kobra, Foregrip, Heavy Barrel (close quarters)

M16A3; RDS, Foregrip, Heavy Barrel (medium range)

I use medpack / GL smoke rounds.


Engineer loadouts:

G36C; RDS, Foregrip, Heavy Barrel

SCAR-H; M145, Bipod, Flash Suppressor or Suppressor (long range/tactical)

MTAR; RDS, Foregrip, Heavy Barrel (close quarters)

I use RPG/SMAW, Repair tool.


Recon loadouts:

M98B; 8x Rifle Scope, Straight Bolt (primary rifle for any range, sidearm is G18 Suppressed for anyone less than 30 yards)

M40A5; 8x Rifle Scope, Straight Bolt (close range, Hardcore TDM)

M417; M145, Foregrip (not a favorite rifle, used for MOS stats)

I mostly use XBOW, but occasionally I'll switch to MAV or SOFLAM.


- I've never been a fan of grenade launchers. In my group of friends, we condemn GLs and say a person isn't a good player if all they can use is a GL.

- I hate support, I hate any guns that have minimal accuracy. It's very hard to kill an enemy at range with a support, unless you're camping with a bipod.

- I have lots of experience as a recon. I use the M98B as my primary BF3 gun, and I always use the same attachments. It's good at 20m in HC TDM, and once you learn how the gun shoots, the 8x Scope is even good at up to 600m in Conquest.

I can most of the time kill a target up to 500m with my first shot (Hardcore).

- The G18 Suppressed is excellent at very close range, and is my primary sidearm. Unlike some people believe, this gun is actually very effective. The reload time is faster than all other pistols, the fire rate is extremely fast, and the suppression

from that many bullets usually hinders the enemy from accurately firing back. Also, just because it shoots fast doesn't mean it's trash. I've killed 3 hostiles in one clip many times.

- The XBOW is another effective weapon. At 20m, the XBOW can kill a hostile with one shot in the chest, even on full health. It's vital to an aggressive recon in a full-health server. It also has a bolt with an explosive tip, very useful when fighting

vehicles. One bolt will generally disable a light vehicle. It seems to have very similar damage to the grenade launchers. And finally, yes, I will use the MAV or SOFLAM if I am on a tactical map & playing with good squad mates.


Anyways, good thoughts from everyone! Thanks for this post!

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