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Correction for final Thesis

Guest corriz

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Guest TermanatorXxX

TermanatorXxX's Application

In-game name:


How did you hear about =US=? (Include link if there is one)

Former member.

Preferred branch of service:

Air Force

Geographical Location:




XFire ID:


Former Clans (include URLs, if available):


Rank, name and date of discharge from =US= (former members only):

2009 I believe from the AF as an SrA.

Favorite BF3 weapon AND vehicle:


Tell us about yourself:

I have been out of the loop in the gaming world for a while now, things are beginning to settle down in life and it is my desire to join a tactical unit that emphasizes teamwork, yet is also able to casually play Battlefield 3.

Why do you want to join =US=?

Much like the above response, I am seeking a realism unit that integrates military protocol and teamwork into Battlefield 3 while still being able to casually enjoy the game itself. It's my desire to find a unit that follows the Chain of Command and also assigns responsibilities to those as they climb in paygrade by earning it as a result of dedication, contributions and hard work towards the unit as a whole. Lastly, it is my desire to join for the diversity and endless possibilities that the =US= has to offer as far as different specialty departments and field assignments within assigned branches.

As I'm sure that I will be asked about my current In-Game name above, I have played BF3 on the 360 for a long period of time but just recently purchased it for PC, I changed my nickname just prior to submitting this application (knowing that I would have to change it in the near future anyways if I receive an offer) but I did not realize that I can only do so every 7 days. Hence why my name already has =US= tags. I would like to request permission for a name change from my former name in this clan to the one proposed above if possible.

Other games you play:

GTA: SA, GTA IV, Sim City

Can you attend our weekly meetings?


How many hours per week can you devote to =US=?


Can you attend clan practices and boot camps, follow the chain of command and actively participate on the forums and TeamSpeak?


Do you have any experience with websites/forums, recruiting or other special clan-related activites?


Here in Unknown Soldiers above all else what we look for is respectful, Dedicated members who if cannot be active will at least notify their next in command of the situation per requirement. Is this something you can do?


Did you read the info on this page? http://clanunknownsoldiers.com/barracks/showthread.php?13144-Learn-about-the-Unknown-Soldiers


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Guest corriz

NO its only summary and anotation. Rest of the work is in Czech language.



Thanks for any editing



Full thesis has 90 pages

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Guest corriz

You can edit this document as you like. Unless you change the whole meaning :-).


I'll be glad when you write something like: " It's understandable and grammatically correct "

Or if you change any parts of this document in grammatically correct form.



Thank you


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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=
Just got back form leave today corriz, I'll read this later today and let you have some feedback.
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Guest corriz

Thank you all for the time spent correctiing this text.


Now the document is rewritten by your advice. I would like to be sure that everything is already grammatically correct.


Can you give me some last feedback if it is O.K?



Thank you for your time.



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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

I do have a question. Is this thesis being submitted in english, or is it being translated back?


I've made many changes and suggestions on a copy i've made, but if it is being translated back, then most will probably not translate correctly. However, if this is being submitted as an English document then the changes will be useful.

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Guest corriz

Its a part of thesis witch must be written in english language. It will not be translate back. Its great that you have it. And that you found a time for correction.


Are you working in civil engineering?

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Guest RET.Capt.RUSHER16=US=

The engineering is not my strong for review would need to understand and read the contents of the thesis. But I understand as is narrated in the summary is much more orderly and more specific.


I wish you success in your thesis

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