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Guest Peace

A few weeks ago I met a retired military medical officer whom told me of Glycine and all the benefits it helps. This man is retired at the age of 54 and I thought he was my age. He had to retire one year early because he was in an accident that caused 2 hirneated discs and several fractured ribs. He is suppose to be on super light lifting but he works FT as a banquet server. Some of the lifting he does is in excess of 75 lbs and I had to wonder how he did it.


He showed me a book written by Dr. Colgan. In this book it described the true uses of Glycine, you can no longer purchase this book as he was made to make a 2nd edition with the information removed.


Our bodies naturally produce glycine. It is a non essential amino acid which we produce from the proteins we eat. What many won't find out is that overtime our bodies stop producing Glycine as much and eventually altogether. This causes everything from our vision decreasing, to our strength and energy levels, right down to the core of what Glycine really is. The essential acid is actually the reason we grow in height and muscle, it is what causes our ability to heal from cuts and burns, and it keeps our bodies from breaking down overtime aka (aging). Call it a growth hormone.


Taking 1g half an hour before working out will give you the energy and recovery to do several extra reps in your total workout. Taking 12g will slowly reverse your aging process of your body breaking down aka dying. You'll have the energy of a 5 year old and the vitality and strength of 2 to 3 times your current base stats.


If you were 80 years old and orally digested 30g of it a day, within a month most of your wrinkles will dissappear, your bones will grow back to their strength, and all of your organs and nervous/brain systems will be repaired. Within 6 months you will also look much younger. If you take 30g of it a day between the age you stop growing and start to die to the age of say 50, your suppose to be at 10x growth hormones which means your not only drinking the fountain of youth, you have the energy and strength of a gorilla.


I personally bought 1lb of this stuff and will be taking 12g a day for 1 month to see what happens, this dosage is ideal for getting into the best shape of your life, while taking anything higher to start will cause severe migraines as the neurons and cells in your brain return to life almost instantaneously aka very active brain and imagination.


Due to the nature of this product I'm told it will cure things such as


Broken bones: I read one case where a man broke his leg bone in half completely, took 20mg for 6 days and on the 7th day went for a followup xray and the results showed 12 weeks of healing. This report was in a seperate book I found off a site and method I am not permitted to say as it is against our clan policy for sharing such websites aka p2p's.


It will cure just about any ailment depending on it's dosage.


The RET.Med.Officer I spoke of before takes 4g everyday to manage his injury pain and keep his energy levels so high.


I will be tracking this "so called" information off my own studies.


Currently I am 6'4 3/4" exactly. I weight 181lbs. I have bruises on my legs from bumps and scratches months ago, My wife whom has eczema and wants to lose 30 lbs from 4'6" @ 140lbs. will be taking 4g a day which is more than enough to take care of the extra weight and eczema. I will also be tracking hers. I made a paste of this and put it under a bandage over her biggest baddest eczema spot. We'll see what effect it has after being on her for 8 hours. This was an area that had bad inflamation and dark red skin tissue that was scaling and very itching.


I am excited and hoping this stuff is as good as these books make them out to be, but as always I expect nothing and hope for the best.


I'll keep you updated until the FEDS till me otherwise :P

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Guest RET.CW4.ThievingSix=US=

Glycine has been shown to work topically in combination with zinc oxide to reduce the duration of cold sores, and thus would likely have other benefits in topical use. The study below is fairly reputable. It might have some benefit in the treatment of other dermatological cases.




Glycine however has questionable effects as a sole supplement. Neither of the two studies below shows improvement in patients, most notable the second study failed to find notable increase in anaerobic or aerobic performance. The first study failed to show significant improvements on human growth hormone secretion using off the shelf glycine in non-obese non-diabetic patients.


Stimulatory effect of glycine on human growth hormone secretion


Effects of glycine-arginine-α-ketoisocaproic acid on muscular force and endurance(Andreas N. Kavazis, Benjamin Wax, and Mareio C. Harris)


In high doses glycine has been shown to mildly reduce the negative effects of schizophrenia, which could also indicate uses in the treatment of alzheimer's.


Efficacy of High-Dose Glycine in the Treatment of Enduring Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia(Uriel Heresco-Levy, MD; Daniel C. Javitt, MD, PhD; Marina Ermilov, MD; Clara Mordel, MD; Gail Silipo, MA; Michael Lichtenstein, MA)


I'd take the effects of glycine with a grain of salt, if it works for you then its great. It doesn't have any long term side effects and is generally well tolerated however its best to start with a low therapeutic dosage, in this case 2g until its proven to be safe. Especially when introducing a new supplement. I'd consult with a doctor if you haven't already.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycine_encephalopathy. "Damage caused by harmful levels of glycine in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid is responsible for the characteristic seizures, breathing difficulties, movement disorders, and mental retardation". Although this is quite a rare condition, taking a high dose of glycine can produce effects similar to this condition(60g is the maximum recommended therapeutic dosage). Dosages above 60g have been used in trials, but produce various side effects characteristic of most supplement overdoses.


I'd be interested in seeing if it works for you, so post up the progress when you get a chance. On Dr.Colgan, i fail to see any reputable evidence based upon clinical trials that have been peer reviewed to suggest that the things he claims are true.

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Guest RET.MG.Qotsa=US=

Interesting, Keep us posted on results.



On a side note i think SGM.ThievingSix is really a robot... :)

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Guest Peace







I'm on day 5 of 20g of Glycine and my body recovers almost instantly from physical strain. I will awake feeling very tired as though I had an intense workout, when I consume and digest the 20g I will feel as though I just got back from vacation.


Day 1: Weighed Naked 172.2 lbs

Day 5: Weighed Naked 180.8 lbs


Noticeable Muscle Mass increase in all parts of body.


Diet consists of




10-15 oreo's in a large bowl of milk (4 cups)




1lb of Roast Beef with cheddar and 12 grain whole wheat bread, half honey dew.




BBQ Chicken + bread stick + more fruit




Fiber One 90 calorie 20% fiber Brownies (no less than 5 per day)

Fiber One Chewy Granola Bar 20% fiber (no less than 2 per day)

More cookies and milk


No less than 90 oz of water as usual.



I haven't changed my diet much other than I eat more cookies and milk. This is a basic form of my diet as I have a high metabolism. I consume no less than 3,000 calories a day. I'm 6 foot 4 inches. 29 year old Male, Caucasian-German-Irish.


I will update every week.

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