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A little mix i made

Guest Akula

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Hey guys , i made a 3 Song mix , Dubstep is the Genre , i hope nobody has problems with that Genre(?)

Go ahead and listen to it , comments about Quality , Modifications (if needed) and general comments please post here and not on the link , thank you very much


How to listen to the song :

Go to the link , you dont have to download it , theres a play button below it(cant miss it XD)



Thank you.




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Guest 112jesse112

If i were to point out all negativities in this, it would be this:

Intro is too long, you take 40 seconds to get anywhere. However since this is a 6 minute song the into could be acceptable.

At 1:08, you introduce a noise not high, not low. It could be more on the higher pitches than low. Since you repeat it several times without much change, i refer it as an annoyance. Until 1:50 the song is very repetitive, and should be avoided. If you change that, beware that you do not add too much variety, as it will become chaos.

At 3:19 you start again with the repetitive, lasting until 4 minutes.

Now from 4 minutes to 5:30, there is again a repetitive, but in this case, acceptable. This is because there is actual voice acting. But even repetitive voice acting can get boring if listened for too long.


Please bear in mind, this is my opinion. There are many people that share my idea's, but there are many people that can find this song actually good.

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I am new to all this mixing thing , this is something i made from scratch and gave not much effort into , however if you did like this somehow i hope you enjoyed it
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