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Computer Freezing

Guest BigMac530

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Guest RollinThunda

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Guest BigMac530

Whenever I try to play some games or open certain programs, my computer will freeze and lock up. While it unfreezes numerous beeps come through the speakers, depending how much I click the mouse while it is frozen. Some days the computer will freeze up when opening these applications and other days it does. It also freezes up when I try to use the Steam In-Game feature. It also freezes when I shut down the computer. Here is an example of the computer freezing up when I try to open TS3.


My graphics card drivers are up to date and I even re-seated my graphics card and ram sticks. I tried looking for viruses/malware and my computer is clean. Any suggestions? This is the reason I haven't been on as much lately.


Here are my specs:

i7 930 @ 3.36Ghz

Radeon 5870 1GB

6 GB DDR3 Ram @ 1333Mhz (Triple Channel)


x58 Chipset Motherboard

Windows 7 64 bit

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Guest phaionix

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Guest BigMac530

Problem is back again, I though it just went away but I was wrong. I can not find the cause of this problem. My system is not overheating, it is dust-free, I do not see/hear any signs of physical damage, all my drivers are up to date(how do i check if everything is for sure?), I am currently moving all my media to an external HD even though I have plenty of space left, no viruses/malware/etc. Everything is fine, the problem should not happen. But clearly something is making it do this.


All the monitoring programs are useless because when the computer freezes, its frozen so there is nothing to notice. Please help, most of my games are unplayable from this.

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