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Hello, i currently have the tf700 which runs on the same processor as the nexus 7 but just at a higher clock speed. I have been debating between nexus 7 and the ipad mini as a christmas present for my parents. Since you are mainly looking at it for reading, it comes down to the type of person you are. The Nexus 7 has a higher res screen so text will look crisper while reading books, which provides a more pleasent reading experience, the downside however is for me, i usually read pdfs and i use the apps "adobe pdf reader" and "Amazon Kindle app", both these apps on android for me are very slow when trying to flip pages or scroll around, but i am not too picky with these quirks because once you only flip the page every couple minutes. I do know people (such as my gf) who cant stand the lagginess of the apps. Also these apps do crash on quite frequently. The ipad mini on the other hand has a larger screen but a lower resolution that is painfully obvious to me because the tf700 has at 1920x1200 screen and my eyes are spoiled like that now. the ipad mini does have apps that are much more responsive for reading pdfs however and comes with the better app ecosystem in general though. Also if you plan on looking at images and stuff, the ipad mini does have better and more accurate color saturation then the nexus 7. It is up to you what you value more in a tablet, a not so buttery smooth reader than has sharper text at the cost of $200, or a buttery smooth experience with not so sharp text at the cost of $320. If price in not a factor, i say go look at the ipad mini in store and see if you dont mind the sharpness of the text for yourself, however, if price is a factor, i would go with the nexus 7 hands down. Hope this helps.

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