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300 weatherby

Guest MadButcher

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Guest MadButcher

I am considering buying a 300 weatherby magnum and I am trying to descide on which type to buy. I could buy the MarkV from a custom shop in the USA for around a grand. I could buy a lasermark vangaurd for around 850.


The Mark V weighs around 8 pounds and the vangaurd is around 7.5 pounds.


The Mark V is known for being more accurate and is made in the USA were the Vangaurd is still good but it is made in Japan and slightly less accurate. Although I do have a 257 weatherby that will shoot under a half inch at 100 yards.


If anyone owns a Vangaurd in 300 weatherby please let me know your thoughts my Father has a 300 weatherby ultralight but I dont have one in vangaurd or mar V so please let me know your thoughts on the rifle.

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