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I kind of hijacked SSG's thread the other day with this and have been meaning to post this for a while.

this has been an ongoing project for about 3 years


EVGA classified 3 Motherboard

I7 920 overclocked to 4.2ghz

Corsair H100 cooling

12gb Corsair Dominator GT ddr3 triple channel Ram

2X128gb corsair nova ssds in RAID 0

8 terabytes worth of western Digital green spinner drives

2 EVGA Classified 580 3gb in SLI

Corsair 800d case

3 ASUS 27in 1920X1080 Monitors

the rest is obvious i think






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uhh yeah i guess for me it was, at the time i had the money and they really were the top of the line. Looking back i should have waited a couple months for the next gen to come out, but you can do this waiting game for the next gen to come out indefinitely if you so choose.
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