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Xyebo in pwnstar's video xD

Guest XboxxKiller

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Guest RET.Capt.DoggyRanger=US=


Type: Dishonorable
Date: 15SEP2012

=US= 33-1
Insubordination – defiance of authority. Every member of the =US= will have respect for the ranks of officers regardless of company or department.

=US= 33-2
Insubordination to =US= Officers, or NCO's will not be tolerated.

=US= 33-2-1
Insubordination to =US= Officers, or NCO's may be dealt with by demotion or even result in being discharged from the =US= with Dishonorable terms.

=US= 40-9-5: Dishonorable Discharge
Discharged by command staff for any reason of a dishonorable nature including but not limited to regulation violations and/or conduct unbecoming of a =US= member.
This discharge will require JCS approval since it is non-reversible.

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Guest XboxxKiller

I was watching Pwn's video about elementary school and stuff, and there, i noticed.. Xyebo-US- killed TheRealPwnStar

haha.. and then Xyebo's message popped up, lol. "Yay! I killed PWN. Now i can go to bed" That was like an icing on the cake.. but damn, you were lucky to catch a game with him man. (Y) 8)

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