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Happy Birthday CDR.CrAzY_NuTtA

Guest Halabrad

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Psychotc has a history of using hacks in other games.
After having blocked Screenshots cleared members as not been seen in 10 days It is proof in it's self.

=US= 32-12
Cheating in any game at any time by any member is not authorized and will result in a =US= discharge. Cheating includes but not limited to: Hacking, Exploiting, Stat padding, or manipulating any game files that would change the game play or give the player an unfair advantage in any way (this does not refer to Mods). Blocking Server screen shots with a third party program will also resort in a ban after thorough investigation, If Intel concludes that the member has been blocking screen shot intentionally, the member under investigation will be banned and dishonorably discharged.

=US= 40-9-5: Dishonorable Discharge
Discharged by command staff for any reason of a dishonorable nature including but not limited to regulation violations and/or conduct unbecoming of a =US= member.
This discharge will require JCS approval since it is non-reversible.

----> 1. Member may not return, this discharge is final and cannot be undone. No Respawns!
----> 2. Banned from any and all =US= Forums, TS, and Game Servers.

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Happy birthday my friend. I still remember the day I met you man. Glad you have always been my friend through thick and thin. Enjoy your birthday, and be safe.
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