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Point 1 - Ridiculously true. Far too many factors to the possibility of life for it to be all that likely. The habitable zone in a solar system is very very narrow, and even accounting for a certain amount of flexibility in that region, the actual makeup of any planet in that zone reduces the odds even further. That doesn't even get into the topic of the odds of amino acids combining in just the right way, at just the right time to form any life at all.



Point 2 - Debatable :) The universe being infinite is only one viewpoint. The other is that while the universe is expanding, the method in which it's expanding throws a bit of a wrench into the "already infinite" idea... it's not objects moving away from some exact universal center. General relativity says two arbitrarily chosen galaxies (for example) are at rest relative to each other. It's the space in between them that's expanding, causing them to appear from a third party observer perspective as if they are moving away from each other. What makes it deceptive is that their apparent speeds seem to be much much greater than the speed of light. However, that's only because by observing the two galaxies, we're now placing them in a frame of reference, not actually defining their velocity.



That being said, within the universe itself space (and time) is bounded by finite dimensions. Red shift being what it is, it's a certainty that the universe is expanding, so if the universe is infinite, what is it expanding into? ;)



Point 3 - The multiverse hypothesis is a fascinating one. It presupposes that the multitude of possibilities at each moment actually occur, and in fact are what create the "layers" in the multiverse. If the hypothesis is ever demonstrated in more than a pro forma mathematical way, it really blows the lid quite a ways off of how we define "the universe". It's so much easier to subscribe to a linear model :D



Prowler, I wish you lived just down the street so we could meet up for coffee...



Kaoss is an alien, He's clearly just trying to cover it up here ^ Watch this guy ; )

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