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Hey you guys,


Was just wondering if there is anybody here that still plays Battlefield Bad Company 2, I literally -just- got it for the first time like two weeks ago and WOW, sweetness -- even though it's visually and technologically a little older I feel like it's exactly what some people -wish- BF3 would have been! I can definitely see what people mean now about how different of a game it is between BC2 and BF3 = like BC2 is the sequel to BC1, which along with BF2 kind of shaped what 'real Battlefield play' is like! It's a pretty excellent game, no doubt about that, and even though I think the very ending of the campaign, with the Russians are now invading Alaska, was kind of a cop out, the rest of the game (campaign included) is pretty freaking fantastic!


Anyways, I was hoping to find anyone who still plays it, cuz I'm at LEVEL 2 right now and I'm having a bit of trouble leveling up, mainly cuz in every squad I get in, either everybody wants to be a sniper, and chill by the base even when we're losing, or everybody wants to be freaking Rambo, and everybody just runs off in different directions!


If anybody wants to revisit a classic, take a breather from the intense awesomeness we know as BF3, whatever, reply to this, sent me a friend request (famousjupiter), or a PM, or whatever -- let me know, I guarantee it will be fun

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