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Operation R-Pow.

Guest blunt92

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Guest blunt92

I did this for fun/boredom. Thought of the old game rainbow six and how the new close quarters map looks kind of like operation 925. So i did this cause i thought it would be cool. Just saying.. If we could do this in a practice it would be SICKK!!!! But like i said totally for fun! so if its not i hope one day we can do this!


Operation R-Pow. (Rescue Prisoner of war.)


Intelligence tells us a Pow Is being held captive and has been questioned. They are located at the office on the outskirts of town. The place is a fortress. All glass and is going to be very tricky to maneuver our forces in to free our pow. The basement is dark and would be easy to get in without being noticed. Get your weapons with flashlights and do what you have to do, but bring home our POW.


^ Dialog.. i am pretty bad, i know.







Ru - Russian Team will be the "Bad" team and will be keeping a hostage. of The same team (so it wont give friend tags and give away location) preferably in prone position to have less chance of being shot and killed.


Ru- Objective. Keep hostage away from US at all cost's. Hide and guard the hostage until the US team is either eliminated or has killed the hostage in witch case either of those happen. Ru team wins. In the event that the US team captures the POW, you are aloud to spawn 1 more time in a ditch effort to take back the hostage. You are not aloud to start in the garage but are able to go to garage in order to flank Us team while they bring the hostage back.


The Ru team is to have the Famas, the AN-94, the Ak74-m or And one ONLY support weapon of your choice Per squad. Must have laser sight, scope of choice and

a basic single shot pistol with no scope.


Us- united states team will be the Rescue team.


Us- Objective -Locate and Rescue hostage using basic tactical and in game commands or "ts3". Once you have rescued the hostage you are to give him the command via in game text "under guard", From there you are to escort him to the garage and cap "B" to finish and win the game. In the event that you have killed the hostage or your entire team has been killed the us team lose's. However in the event you happen to get killed (before your entire team die's) the US team gets 1 revive only for each player, each. Must kill all reinforcements in the event of a shoot out to win the game and have hostage secured. You are not aloud to start upstairs. All squad members must be a SQUAD and help each other and stick together. no squad member should be on a different floor then the other at any time.


The us team is to have one of the following. M416 , M16a3/4 Or an Aug-A3. Outfitted with an foregrip, a flashlight and a a scope of choice.

Single fire pistol only with no sight.


Hostage team.- Objective If you are on the hostage team you are to stay prone and listen to your orders via in game or "ts3" You are not aloud to move until told and are not aloud to go with the Us team until the command is giving. When that command is given you are aloud to pick up one of the RU teams kits and use only the pistol .as a POW you are to listen to the US team and get to and Cap B to win the game.

After being a hostage the first round you are too pick what team you would like to be on. Hostage can not be revived and can-not re spawn.



Reinforcements. In the event that this "Plan" of mine gets popular and more than 9 people want to play it, The reinforcements also have a roll.

The job of a reinforcements are to do the same as the team they are on. But are not aloud to come into the game until either their whole team is dead, or the hostage has been killed and the game turns to a shoot out. See below for shoot out mode. The reinforcements also have 1 re spawn NO revive per player. including the base team.



Shoot out. 16 players only. - when hostage has been killed all players on team enter a shoot out and it is every man for its self. No re spawns so when you are dead, you are dead. the last person from a team alive wins for his team.


Squads-. 9 Players or 16 MAX.


1 Ru 4 person squad and 1 hostage.


1 Us 4 person squad.


or 2 Ru 4 person squad, 1 hostage 1 person squad, and 3 person "Reinforcements" squad.


1 Us 4 person squad, and 1 Us 4 person "Reinforcements" squad.



So with that briefing. Here is the strategy.



Ru Team. Your goal upon start of the game is to go with you squad and find a place (non-flank able) and have alot of protection to hide your hostage.1 person in squad has to stay with hostage at all times. You can set up anywhere in the map so long as it is not the garage of the lowest level. So find out where you are going to hide, where your extra 3 players are going to hide to flank the US team to win.


US team. You are to start at the Entry point. Ladder and van in garage. Your squad is to stick together. use the buddy system and say things like "Clear! or "Advancing" or even "Im on your 6" Also keep track of the casualties. You are to advance Upstairs via the stairs closest to the van an ladder and are to find the hostage and continue out your mission no matter if it is 1 person alive or 2 people alive.


It seems easy, but nothing is easy. I would like to give some tips below.


Dont split up your squad, and if you do keep them close. If you are dead you are dead, You are not aloud to talk and say "Behind YOU!!" the point of being dead is to be dead, right?


If the Us team captures the hostage i would recommend you haul ass to B. you have about 3 seconds till the Ru team re spawns and you dont want to leave your self open or prone to attack. i would suggest if you dont want to run or time has run out and it is the last player and the distance is too far is to camp out and eliminate the targets 1 by one.


Q-Spotting will come in handy.


No grenades, no explosives, Rockets. No snipers, and no medpacks.


There is alot of glass. So cover in this map is very key. If you have cover you can win.


Lots of spots to hide so make sure Ru team is watching everything and Us is watching everything.


Here are the level's of the map. to where the extraction zone and entry zone is. use these maps for tactical purposes only.




Extraction Zone. - http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r610/blunt92/ScreenshotWin32-0006.png


Entry Point. - http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r610/blunt92/ScreenshotWin32-0005.png


Garage. - http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r610/blunt92/ScreenshotWin32-0004.png


First floor. - http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r610/blunt92/ScreenshotWin32-0003.png


Second Floor. - http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r610/blunt92/ScreenshotWin32-0002.png



Working on another one. 6/25/12

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Guest RET.GEN.Darmine

I stuck this. Very nicely done.


Perhaps we can get this refined for a Friday night operation?

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