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Jason "wee-man" Acuna

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Guest RET.W01.Wright=US=














Ok so tonight i got to do security for "Wee-Man" awsome guy, loads of fun. Yes he is just like he is in "jackass" I spent six hours with the guy and being no farther then 3 feet from him at all times... even drove him around town and ate dinner with them. The guy is hilarious. The highlight of my night i was given a card for the executive protection company the "Dickhouse" crew uses and a letter of recomendation in wee man's hand writing to send to these guys. Im planning on calling these guys monday. Lets hope for the best. BTW the pic is from my horrible phone so yea lol. the moment i met him his first words to me were " your one big b!@$#.... and with me being 6'6 and him 4'9 it was hilarious.

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