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Please send your Thoughts and Prayers

Guest RET.SSgt.SonicMulisha=US=

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Guest ManDown

Read and understood LT.

Graduated from the NCO academy a few months back.

Ran my request up through SGT Hawkeye, do I need to send a PM to the MAJ as well?

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Guest RET.SSgt.SonicMulisha=US=

I have just learned that SPC.RastaGanja's mom passed away last night. My family would like to offer you these words that will hopefully comfort you in this time of mourning.

I did not write this so I will not take the credit. This was written by my Aunt Kathleen:


Until We Meet Again


I've traveled many roads with you

Upon the wings of time,

Searching for the answers,

Tasting life's sweet wine.


As one road leads to another,

Our paths ever entwine,

Unraveling the mysteries,

The riddles of design.


We've climbed the highest mountain,

We've sailed across the sea,

We've played the game of king and queen,

You've bounced me on your knee.


I've loved you though eternity,

Through all our change in form,

Though all the coldest nights and days

Your presence kept me warm.


Once again, our paths must part

As they wind around the bend,

Your love will keep me living

Until we meet again.

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