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Anyone Have AMD Processor-Based Computer?

Guest famusjupiter

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Guest famusjupiter

It's friday night, I just came home and booted up the computer to log onto teamspeak for the meeting, and lo and behold, my wireless internet adapter is turned off. The infrared switch on the side of the computer doesn't work, and in the BIOS, the wireless network adapter is enabled - which usually is the problem, because the IR switch seems to only work for accidentally switching the net adapter OFF - but when I try to turn it back on, it does NOTHING. Sweet. So then I've gotta go into the BIOS to turn it back on.


Until recently, when I discovered that my AMD Control Center, which deals with minimum processor speed, graphics card settings, graphics processing, and, apparently network adapter enabling and disabling too, under "wi-fi radio".


Right now, my wireless net adapter is switched off - even though it's enabled in the BIOS, it's disabled in the AMD Control Center, under wifi radio. My problem is, every time I click "enable" and then click "apply", the "switch graphic" sets itself RIGHT BACK to disabled.

This is frustrating and rather bewildering to me, and the so-called "help" that AMD provides with its control center, is surely an inside joke, for it provides no help at all.


If anyone is familiar with what I'm talking about, and/or has dealt with this issue before, PLEASE let me know -- I'm on my father in law's computer right now, which has neither teamspeak nor battlefield, and AMD's tech support doesn't open up again till monday morning. So if anybody knows of anything I can try, or ANYTHING, please please let me know. :(


Ya know, the letters in AMD, when rearranged, can produce MAD.... As in "it's our mission to drive people MAD...." :)


Thanks for your time you guys.

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