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Guest Peel3__

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Guest Peel3__

so as the title says, i have started to get back on track with the orchestra songs, and checking if there is more ppl who actully listening to it? =)

theese are a few songs in my playlist. gotta love em!


TSFH: Protector of the earth =


TSFH: United We Stand, Divided we fall =


AudioMachine: King of sparta =


and alittle side kick mixed in there:


Hans Zimmer: Black hawk down (Theme Song) =


Hans Zimmer: Liberty =

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Guest xprowlerx

Hanz Zimmer is one of my favourites but I 'm afraid he started repeating himself...drained out :P


I would add to the list:


now we are free




here is a good mix:




but if you are like this kinda epic/cinematic music I suggest to check ''immediate music''


Immediate Music-Prometheus Rising

..and some other from their endless list


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Guest xprowlerx

my god I forgot to tell you my an even better group:


E.S Posthumus




listen to this album ... I think it is one of the best that I listened too during the last few years...most of the songs are remixes from Beethoven e.t.c. but I an amazing new way

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