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Things are starting to come together in the Recon MOS. We have our first two Basic Badges; SGT Smitty and SGT Hawkeye. So congratulations to those two. We've also picked up several new recruits to the MOS, hopefully they'll enjoy their time here.

The first major change for the MOS is in the works. The accuracy requirement is being reviewed/considered for removal from the badge requirements. There will be a thread opened for discussions on it later this week, but what it basically comes down to is the requirement has more drawbacks then benefits. The biggest drawback being that it penalizes players for taking shots that are outside their skill range (long distance or moving targets) which could hinder them from improving their skill. Again, there will be a thread open later this week.

There will be some minor changes to the exams for Senior and Master badges. Due to the addition of an Exam for the Mastery 3 (Recon) section the current Master Badge exam will be moved and replaced with something that is a bit closer to the Senior exam(i.e. still focusing on squad work, while the Mastery 3 exam will focus on a larger team setting).

Work has begun on the the two sub mastery paths for the MOS. They will focus on Marksmanship and fully utilizing your gadgets. Expect to see more on those in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, I'm still seeing a lot of folks who use the Recon kit as their default kit. Hoping to see them join us soon, and show the rest of the BF3 world how it should be done.

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