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Browser request

Guest corriz

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Its like global request for every web surfer.



When I improved the web for BG.Storm, there was one problem what i have to solved. Web should look always same on every device (pc, smartphones, tablets, mac, tv....). But sometimes it is impossible and i can do magic with websites. I show you here how it looks. Same sites, same code. Btw I was inspired by Kaossilator=US= and his realy nice work on MOS site. Please forgive me Kaoss :-)


Please, as fast as you can UPDATE YOUR BROWSER ! !! !


Minimum requirements:

  • Chrome: v10
  • Opera: v10
  • Firefox: v6
  • Internet Explorer: v9
  • Safari: v5
  • Others: latest version



old browsers (specifically: IE8, IE7, IE6, Firefox 3.x, Safari 4.x):



with minimum requirements:



I hope, i will finish this web as soon as possible.

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Guest miyamotogL

Seconded. It is bad enough that we need to make our projects work on 5 different browsers. Making them work across older versions of those browsers makes the task impossible.


You should always be using the latest and greatest versions of your favorite browser!

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Welcome to my university course haha, meta tags are the way to go though. Takes a while, but its the only way to know for sure.
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Guest RET.CW4.ThievingSix=US=
And the only reason you should ever even have internet explorer installed, is to do compatibility testing :D.
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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=
Haha, yeah definitely a pain to get it right... I really only did a bare minimum of compatibility testing for the tracker. I find that IE9 isn't too bad... it's actually pretty fast, at least in benchmarks. MS really went leaps and bounds ahead of where they were with IE8 with essentially making it a webkit browser.
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I agree, IE9 browser is on higher level and finally observes all. On my web sites I've stop support an old IE6 with it tired hacks and other special codes.


I know. I can't convince the whole world to use the latest browsers, but just at that moment when I had to make this and come up with a special code to make it work. That was realy upset.




Two special div's with special css. And this code for "full" (only for IE) support HTM5 with other css rule.



@CrAzY : first step. Copy this code a maybe if you are lucky the old browsers show it like on normal one. :?:

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