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Drunk or not.. this had me on the floor in stitches

Guest Crossfire

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Hello guys :P

I wanted to do something fun today so I downloaded a new iPhone app called "Djay" it coast 7 SEK (Swedish kronor) at AppStore which is 0.75 Euro or 0.99 USD.

I've had 1-2 other DJ apps before but this is the only app that I really enjoyed. :P
This is a mix that I made today I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

It is a electro house/dirty house mix.

I'm gonna get my own dj-gear and start dj'ing at nightclubs around the city in the end of the summer :)


Mixed by Urbaan on iPhone4

(notice: It's not 100% good and I know that but for beeing mixed at a mobile I accept it)

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Guest RET.CW4.ThievingSix=US=
The weird thing is that it looks like he timed it perfectly........spent time choreographing it:D.
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